Preparation Tips

We are often asked about what to wear when taking pictures. Here are a few of the tips we've learned:

*Try to keep patterns on your clothes minimal, especially in family pictures or pictures of large groups. If you would like to still have some patterns in your wardrobe, try to balance it. For example having the men in a picture wear plaids and the girls wear solids helps keep balance.

*Women, three-quarter length or long sleeve shirts are the most flattering. Also, it's true, dark colors do make you look thinner, as do vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes make you look wider than you really are. Also, longer shirts make you look thinner. Anything with a short hemline will make you look more stout.

*Try not to be too "trendy" in your choice of outfit. Look at a picture from the 80's and you'll understand what we mean. Something that is cute to you now may not be 10 years down the road.

*If you are being photographed whith children or babies and would like them to be the focus of the picture, try not to wear bright clothing (including white) as this distracts from them.

*It is a good idea to bring a couple of outfits. Wear clothes that are comfortable to you and that you would normally wear. When you have a camera on you, it's not the best time to be out of your comfort zone. It's also fun to play around with accessories...hats, glasses and scarves are fun ways to easily change a look. Also, GIRLS, remember bobby pins, hair ties, touch up make-up, safety pins or anything else you might need.

*Darker colors tend to turn out best, especially if you're taking pictures outside. Lights and whites can get lost in the sky and can make you look washed out. Try to use your judgement and not get too extreme either way. However, darks can look bad on people who already have really dark skin.

*Women will want to wear slightly more make-up than normal. Not too much but definitely more than you would normally wear.

*If you wear glasses and want to be photographed in them, you may want to consider taking out the lenses as they can sometimes create a glare.

*Men usually can't go wrong in a collared shirt. Especially if they are concerned about looking thin.

*Pants are usually better than shorts. Keep in mind that the skin we want to focus on is on your face.

*Be comfortable with yourself and know your flaws and strengths. Don't be embarrassed to let your photographer know the things you'd like to emphasize (e.g. eyes, dimples, hair) and the things you'd like to try to hide (e.g. tummy, legs, scars). Your photographer may not pick up on your insecurites immediately so it's important for you to share them with them since you are your own worst critic and will probably notice your flaws in your own pictures where others may not.

If you have any tips you've learned, please feel free to share them with us and everyone else who may read this. Also, please don't hesitate to let us know any concerns or questions you may have.